Teaching Kids about Tech through Virtual Reality Goggles

On Thursday, February 18th, Larson Design Group employees volunteered for Pennsylvania College of Technology‘s fifth annual science festival. The festival brought around 1,500 fifth grade students from surrounding school districts to learn about technologies used in a variety of fields.

A number of LDG employees showed off 3D virtual reality goggles to eager kids and explained how the technology would be incorporated into our services. By inserting the digital model created with the scanner into the goggles, we hope to be able to allow our clients to virtually tour existing building spaces as well as the proposed rendered spaces without having to leave their office.

Some of the adults who accompanied the students were hesitant at first to try the goggles, but were blown away by the total immersion into a space that the goggles provided. One of the best parts about being a volunteer at the event was seeing the amazement on people’s faces when they experienced the goggles, and knowing that LDG was helping to inspire kids (and adults alike) to learn more about science and technology.


Some of my favorite reactions to experiencing the goggles:
“I predict one day that a good portion of the population will be immersed in virtual reality, almost Matrix-like.”
“Oh my god! Don’t look down! You’re on the top of a building and ahh! *mimics falling*”
“Now I see the Pittsburgh Steelers Stadium! Ethan, check this out! Check this out!”
“Whoa, I’m in a Party City!”
“Whoa. You can’t see your feet and that’s weird… I’m gonna go get my wife so she can see this!”
“This exhibit was really cool!”

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