Natural Gas

Larson Design Group has been developing innovations in Energy since early 2008. With offices in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Texas, we are located in the heart of the Eagle Ford, Marcellus, and Utica Shale Plays. Since our inception in 1993, our employee-owned company has developed solid relationships with those regulatory officials responsible for approving permits. We understand that quick response time is a key factor in the selection of any professional retained for this work. Our full service capabilities have proven to be very successful to our shale clients. We develop specific teams for each project, based on our clients’ needs.

Larson Design Group has ongoing work with several major gas players in surveying, design, and various permit applications. Our work includes site layout for well pads, surface water withdrawal and water impoundment projects, and site investigation. We have also performed development of right-of-way plans and permitting associated with pipeline projects and architectural, mechanical/electrical/plumbing, and structural design for support structures for the natural gas industry. We currently use GIS tracking to expedite design projects and minimize duplication.

Larson Design Group is an active member of various industry organizations, including the MSC, PIOGA, OOGA, IOGAWV, WVOONGA, and the AAPL. We have a strong interest in industry issues, and strive to be at the forefront of emerging technologies.

Natural Gas services we can provide include:


  • As-Built Plans
  • GIS Services
  • Maintenance Programming
  • Pipeline Construction Stakeout
  • Pipeline Plats
  • Road Condition Surveys
  • Site Stakeout
  • Subdivisions
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Unitization Surveys
  • Well Plats

Water Management

  • Freshwater & Centralized Impoundment Design & Permitting
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Surface & Groundwater Source Feasibility Studies, Design & Permitting
  • Water Management Plans
  • Water Metering Plans

Wastewater Disposal

  • Environmental Permitting
  • - Residual Waste Beneficial Reuse
    - Oil & Gas

  • Evaluating Disposal Options
  • Treatment Plant Design/Permitting


  • Horizontal Directional Drill Analysis
  • Right-of-Way/Alignment Plans
  • Siting & Routing Feasibility

Surface Mining

  • Bonding Increment Plans
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Geological Services
  • Highwall Stability Analysis
  • Operations Layout
  • Restoration Plans

Planning and Permitting

  • Archaeological Permitting
  • Compressor Station Permitting & Design
  • Construction Administration
  • Construction Observation
  • Cultural Resources
  • Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plans & Permitting (ESCGP-1, NPDES)
  • Erosion & Sedimentation Inspection
  • GIS Database Development
  • Highway Occupancy Permits
  • Inspection
  • - General Construction
    - Erosion Control
    - Welding

  • PNDI Resolution
  • Road Condition Surveys & Road Maintenance Agreements
  • Site Design for Field Offices, Storage Buildings & Yards
  • Site Feasibility & Analysis
  • Utility Coordination
  • Zoning & Land Development Permitting


  • Environmental Studies & Coordination
  • Endangered Species
  • State & Federal Stream/Wetland Encroachment Permits
  • Stream & Habitat Identification & Restoration
  • Wetland Investigation & Delineation
  • Wetland Mitigation Plans


  • Geotechnical Analysis
  • Infiltration Testing
  • Soil Borings

Structural Design

  • Bridge Design & Inspection
  • Buildings
  • Special Structures

Building Systems Design

  • Mechanical/Electrical Design
  • Labor & Industry Drawings

For more information on our Natural Gas services, contact Marty Muggleton at

Our solution to water treatment needs, TerrAqua Resource Management (TARM), LLC, has already provided a highly-compliant alternate disposal option from flowback and produced waters from gas exploration and production. Our view is not limited to the next few years, but the next few decades. Our goal is to establish long-tem solutions that can bring social and economic vitality to the communities in which we do business. TARM (TerrAqua Resource Management) is a partnership of Larson Design Group and and Newalta, a Calgary, Alberta, Canada based company that specializes in the recycling and recovery of products from industrial waste.