Reflections on Leadership
reflections on leadership

Reflections on Leadership

In remarks yesterday to Leadership Lycoming in Williamsport, PA, Keith S. Kuzio, PE, President and CEO of Larson Design Group, shared his “Top 21” reflections on leadership.

“There are little stories behind each of these statements,” he said, “many of them I’ve learned from mentors and friends as well as from mistakes I’ve made through my career.”

Leadership Lycoming is a popular local training program designed to understand the needs of the communities it serves and then educating and motivating potential leaders to commit themselves to address those needs through a variety of roles. Graduates often find that what they learn provides the insight to better understand the issues facing the community today and tomorrow.

In his remarks, Kuzio – who has been LDG’s CEO since 2005 – detailed each of his top 21 points:

  1. Leaders understand that leadership is a life-long journey and seek out opportunities to improve their skills over time.
  2. Leaders are servants of those whom they lead.
  3. Leaders seek out role models who inspire them to develop and utilize their skills to the fullest potential.
  4. Leaders understand that addressing the needs of others broadens one’s perspective and builds appreciation for the quality of life in a community.
  5. Leaders address difficult issues through face to face discussion.
  6. Leaders take time to evaluate and gain perspective on issues from various points of view, not just their own.
  7. When in difficult situations they seek out good counsel rather than relying solely on their own thinking.
  8. Leaders occasionally end up in vulnerable or difficult situations.
  9. Leaders maintain resources such as close confidants, faith and strong sense of purpose from which to draw perspective
  10. Leaders understand that people act negatively more often based upon a lack of perspective or simple ignorance rather than out of a desire to create conflict.
  11. Leaders are able to forgive and forget.
  12. The ability to forgive can lighten life’s burdens tremendously and frees up energy for more positive purposes.
  13. Don’t try to be all things to all people. “There’s little quality in a river that’s a mile wide and an inch deep.”
  14. Know your personal core values and purpose. “Keep It Real.”
  15. Knowing your personal core values and purpose will help you deal with conflict or failure that will inevitably occur at some point in your leadership career.
  16. Leadership takes a lot of energy, so apply your leadership to boards and activities that you are truly passionate about – to those things that will re-energize you while you serve.
  17. Leadership is not a solo sport.
  18. When surrounded by good people, lead by presenting a compelling vision and challenge others to develop their skills and talents to achieve the organization’s goals. This cultivates more leaders.
  19. Take time out often to reflect on your experiences, successes and failures.
  20. Create times and places for uninterrupted introspection. Contemplation usually uncovers tremendous opportunities for goal setting and continuous improvement.
  21. Don’t hesitate to approach leaders for insights. They are ordinary people. Leaders make time for people interested in leadership.


Kuzio has co-presented about professional entrepreneurship at the American Council of Engineering Companies National Fall Conference and spoken about strategic planning and leadership to the Susquehanna Health Advanced Leadership Training program and Williamsport Young Professionals. He has been a director on the Pennsylvania state board of the American Council of Engineering Companies and chaired the American Society of Highway Engineers – Williamsport Section.

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