The new Peter Herdic Transportation Museum in the City of Williamsport was created utilizing an old railroad freight storage building adjacent to a vacant portion of ground in the center of the City.

This part of Williamsport used to be a transportation hub for multiple railroads during the early – mid 1900’s. The project consisted of gutting the existing 4000 square foot building, remodeling the space for display of transportation-based artifacts, and constructing an outdoor exhibit, plaza and parking area.

Larson Design’s role in the project involved coordination of all of the design and construction activities, including coordination of/with:

  • Architectural design consultant
  • Hazardous material removal and disposal
  • State and local Historic agencies for clearances and approvals
  • State Transportation Agency for the Enhancement Program clearances and approvals
  • Local Historic Society and Museum for preparation of the displays and the creation of the graphics
  • Contract bidding to meet State DOT Standards
  • Purchase and restoration of the 1949 Pennsylvania Railroad mid Train Lounge Car
  • Restoration of the GMC Bus exhibit
  • Solicitation of Exhibit constructor, including facilitation of design committee input
  • Transportation and installation of GMC Bus and Pullman Rail Car
  • Design (by LDG) and construction of outdoor plaza
  • Design (by LDG) and construction of project signing