The Newport Borough Municipal Authority owns the collection system and treatment facility in Newport Borough and serves neighboring Oliver Township.

The system is a combined sewer system and sees significant increases in flow during weather events. The current rated capacity of the treatment plant is 0.4 MGD. During larger rain events, the complete system flows have exceeded 4 MGD.

Treatment Plant Design

The Authority was in the process of designing a treatment plant to handle all the flows and did not have plans to complete any additional separation work within the system to eliminate stormwater. Almost immediately after LDG was retained by the Authority, we had discussions and meetings with DEP to amend the Consent Order and Agreement to revise the scope of the projects needed to include work within the system to eliminate stormwater. This will allow us to reduce the size of the treatment plant. As part of this work, LDG has assisted the Authority with flow monitoring within the system. LDG routinely performs calibrations and cleanings of the meters, as well as evaluating the data and reporting findings to both DEP and the Authority.

A system-wide investigation was performed which included inspection, pictures, and measurements of all sewer manholes, storm manholes, storm inlets, and all other structures pertinent to the system. At the conclusion of the system-wide investigation, LDG prepared a system-wide flow model which will allow us to clearly identify areas of the system which need to be addressed. These areas will allow us to pinpoint areas which will give the Authority the biggest bang for the buck. Upon evaluation of the flows, the model, and other items, a Long Term Control Plan and Act 537 Update will be submitted to DEP for review. The Long Term Control Plan will describe the steps needed to get the system into compliance through a series of projects over a specified amount of years. The updated Act 537 Plan will define the scope of the Project for the new upgraded WWTP. The completion of this work is scheduled for the end of 2014.