COMPLETE COMMITMENT: Dollar tree/family dollar

Our relationship with Dollar Tree has had its ups and downs; after their previous project manager left LDG a few years ago, Dollar Tree was skittish about starting over with a new person.

“Dollar Tree is fast-paced,” explained Donald Speck, project manager with LDG. “They need an architect who can get things done quickly for good prices, and they were nervous about whether I’d be able to pick up where my predecessor left off.”

Don jumped right in, earning Dollar Tree’s trust through good communication. “There were lots of late evening phone calls,” he said. “Not just about work, but building the relationship. Once we had a good relationship, they were comfortable with me managing their projects.”

LDG provides a full range of services for Dollar Tree, including survey, design layout, construction documents, permitting, and construction administration. “We handle stores in PA, OH, and NY,” said Don.

Sometimes, we have 10-20 projects in various stages of design, permitting, and construction. We make sure to balance it all, because we’re committed to our clients.