Old School Meets the Blogging World – Keeping It Real

When I was approached by our marketing team to become an LDG blogger, I agreed, but not without a momentary cringe of nervous trepidation. You see, I consider myself an old school engineer, not a modern age social networker. My introduction to computer technology occurred in the last millennium, nearly thirty years ago, long before the PC or wireless 4G networks. Back then, I fondly remember pounding out “brute force” FORTRAN programming on punch cards in the basement of Packard Lab at Lehigh University. The concept of social networking at E-school back in the 80s could easily have been defined as idle conversation among engineers while waiting for the data center technician to run key-punched batch files through the mainframe computer’s card reader.

So what topics could I, a CEO who’s yet to send his first text message, come up with that would be inviting and interesting to readers who are fully engaging technology in all aspects of their lives? After pondering this question for a few days, it struck me that I will be most successful with blog topics if I apply the same advice that I share with my kids on an almost daily basis.

What is that advice? Keep it real. Every time one of my kids heads out of the house or car to socialize with friends or peers, I tell them to “keep it real.” Over time and through parental discourse with them, the kids have learned the deeper meaning in this simple phrase, and that is – be comfortable in your own skin, be true to your values, and don’t let anyone pressure you into doing something you’re not comfortable doing – no matter what. When our kids’ friends come to the house to hang out, I also share the same message with them. Somehow this message has resonated with them. How do I know? I now frequently get the chance for a good chuckle when a young person sees me in public and shouts out, “Are you keeping it real, Papa Kuz?” even before I have a chance to ask them the same question.

I’m not an expert with any particular technology, nor very adept at social networking in its technology driven forms. It would be easy for me say, “Oh why don’t people today want to engage in conversation and dialogue the way we did back in the day? I’m not going down that blogging road.” By taking that “old school” stance, I’d be giving up what I consider to be a valuable opportunity to share experiences and perspectives with readers that are fully enveloped in this new form of knowledge sharing and collaboration. So, I’ve decided to jump into blogging with both feet, if for no other reason than to see what happens. My sense is that the additional perspective won’t hurt me, and I’m all for continuous improvement through whatever form of learning it might take.

With that introduction, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to get this far into my first blog. Along the way in future posts, I’ll cover some topics that are very real and important to me – things like leadership, community stewardship, sustainability, and continuous improvement. And, to be true to my fatherly mantra, I promise to “keep it real” – at least from the perspective of an old school engineer.

I’m looking forward to the blogging and learning journey. I hope you are too. Please feel free to share what’s real for you along the way.

Best regards, Keith

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