LDG’s Office Renovations in Selinsgrove and Williamsport to Focus on Visitor Experience, Team Collaboration and Future Growth
Selinsgrove Williamsport

Pictured left to right: Duane Gaugler and Sara Bolton

Larson Design Group offices in Selinsgrove and Williamsport, PA are undergoing sweeping changes that will enhance the guest experience for visitors, improve workplace aesthetics and encourage heightened collaboration and teamwork.

Selinsgrove – The office size has grown 41 percent from 5,530 sq. ft. to 9,260 sq. ft. The new configuration will enhance teamwork and idea exchanges by providing more than 40 potential work spaces/stand-up meeting areas. It also includes new design finishes as well as a new small meeting room, a large conference room capable of housing the entire office and a private lactation room. As well, it will provide space for temporary employee relocations from Williamsport, during the Williamsport renovation. The office is home to LDG’s vice president of finance and the civil engineering, transportation and retail architecture groups. Benjamin Wetzel has led the initiative.

Williamsport – Scheduled to begin in November, a 19,887 sq. ft. area of the office space housing administrative, retail architecture and civil engineering groups will be demolished and reconstructed using a wide variety of modern materials. The end result will be a centralized lobby and dramatically more modern look added to the construction of seven small meeting spaces. As well, employee office spaces will be reconfigured to improve circulation and accommodate future growth for as many as 20 future new hires. LDG’s plans will minimize disruption during the renovation period so that all staff will continue to seamlessly serve their clients’ day-to-day needs. Some staff will have an opportunity to work in other LDG offices near their homes. To prepare for the changes, more than 150 boxes of outdated documents and files have been shredded and recycled.  LDG is pursuing LEED® certification for the space to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability. LEED is a green building certification system providing third-party verification that the facility meets sustainable design criteria involving energy efficiency, water use, indoor environmental quality, materials and site elements. Megan Conrad has managed this process.

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