Larson Design Group Collects 3,000 Food Items for Pantries
2000 food items to be donated to the Central PA Food Bank

Larson Design Group’s 300 employees recently held a food drive that collected over 3,000 items for food banks local to each one of its 11 offices.

“The food drive was held during the week leading up to the Super Bowl,” said Jillian Ibbs, marketing coordinator for Larson Design Group (LDG). “We made it a competition by splitting our employees into 15 teams; we had 100% participation from our offices.”

The food drive is a part of LDG’s 30th anniversary celebration. “Ken Larson, founder of LDG, made stewardship a core value of the company. We thought this would be an excellent way to express that core value while having some friendly competition between employees,” said Ibbs.

The collected items will go to food banks in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, West Virginia, and Texas. The winning team enjoyed a complimentary lunch and will receive a trophy.

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