Intern Spotlight: Jessica Tayson
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Summer always brings many new faces to Larson Design Group as we hire interns! This year, we want to shine a spotlight on these young minds who contribute so much during their time here. First up is Jessica Tayson, who is majoring in commercial design at Lycoming College and expects to graduate in 2017. She’s interning in the Sales & Marketing department in our Williamsport office.

Why did you want to intern at LDG?
Out of all the places that offered me an internship, I wanted to be at LDG. LDG stands out to me, not only as a wonderful company, but as one of the best places where you could work. I feel welcomed here, and the employees are wonderful to work with. Learning about the core values during orientation really set the standard for LDG and the type of work offered here. I see those core values being implemented every day, and I have nothing but respect for the business and their employees. I’m honored to intern here.

What skills are you developing so far in your internship?
So far, I have been involved with many different projects, including ordering business cards, creating a video proposal, designing logos, creating an advertisement, updating the LDG website, taking professional photos, and working across departments to create video content. Thanks to the help of my fellow employees and LDG, I will walk away from here ready with the skills needed to start a career doing what I love.

What’s the best thing about interning at LDG?
Every day I walk into the office, there is always someone who smiles at me and says, “good morning”. To work at a place that is so personable and cares so much about the work they do for the community means the world to me. That is the best thing about interning at LDG.

What do you hope to do after graduation?
I hope to be a graphic designer and continue doing what I love for a living. They always say “If you do what you love, you never work a day in your life.” Hopefully that is me someday.

What’s your favorite movie?
To ask me what my favorite movie is is sort of like asking me what my favorite food is. I just love them all. I guess one of my favorites would be The Lion King, simply because it’s a story following the life of a lion who faces up to his greatest enemy, and in the heat of it all, stands up for what is truly right, his family, his community, and love.

What’s been your favorite college class?
If I have to think back to my favorite class in college, it would be corporate communications with Professor Donati. He spoke passionately about the importance of communication in business and how it can greatly affect its success. It made me realize what an impact one person in a company can make, and how as a team with proper communication, there’s no saying how far you can go.

And what’s your favorite dinner?
Hands down, right now my favorite thing to have for dinner is a cheesesteak.

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