Forged In Steel: Advice from Mark Miner

“Protect your name and surround yourself with good people” was the advice that Mark Miner, director of corporate communications for Larson Design Group, delivered recently as a guest lecturer at West Virginia University’s College of Business and Economics. The class is led by Michael F. Walsh, PhD, Department Chair & Associate Professor of Marketing.

Miner’s topic was “Mental Toughness: or What They Didn’t Teach You in College.” It was his 11th talk at the university and featured hard-hitting content from his more than 30 years of experience crafting the public image of professional service firms as they become key decision-makers at the table of business and civic leadership.

The topic also is drawn from chapter 7 of the widely acclaimed book which Miner published, Forged in Steel: The Seven Time-Tested Leadership Principles Practiced by the Pittsburgh Steelers, co-authored by Tunch Ilkin and Damian Williams. It’s the first book analyzing time-tested leadership through the prism of a National Football League franchise and Judeo-Christian values.

Miner also shared his experiences in working with resort developer ECI Development Ltd., in Nicaragua, which should help Walsh’s class prepare to spend a week in Nicaragua in May in cooperation with the non-profit organization Global Brigades. The class will work in Jinotega, a remote part of the country about two hours northeast of Managua, helping locals develop and enhance their small businesses.

While in town, Miner also visited with Rich Rogers and Rob Matejczyk in LDG’s Morgantown office, which provides services to a wide range of local energy, municipal, civil and transportation clients.

Miner is a 1983 journalism graduate of the university.

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