Cleaning Tuberculated Water Mains

LDG’s Water/Wastewater Department recently completed a water main rehabilitation project for the Jersey Shore Area Joint Water Authority. The Authority provides water to customers in the Boroughs of Jersey Shore, Salladasburg, and several surrounding townships in Lycoming and Clinton Counties, Pennsylvania. The Authority has been one of LDG’s long-term clients, with projects dating back to 1986.

Mike Zellers, General Manager of the Authority, contacted LDG about cleaning and lining one of his older water mains. The line, installed in the early 1900s, had become tuberculated over the years. The tuberculation affected the hydraulic capacity of the line.

Cleaning water mains is common practice in the water industry but the application of lining systems to in-place water mains is relatively new technology. This was the first lining project undertaken by both the Authority and LDG. LDG’s project team of Joe Pfirman and Shawn Downey completed the necessary research and developed bidding documents, including technical specifications.

The project was completed in August 2016. LDG provided design, permitting, easement acquisition assistance, bidding, and construction administration services for the project.

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