Is there a retail architecture specialist in the house?
brand architecture

What is retail architecture?

This is a question that I get asked regularly. At LDG, we only provide architectural design services to retail and brand clients. “Brand” clients refers to organizations that utilize a proven business model and architectural design strategy in the development and growth of that organization. This could include banks, restaurants, gas stations, hotels, convenience stores, and more.

This may seem a limiting position to take; however, it is not an uncommon strategy and occurs quite often in other professional fields. Let’s consider doctors, for example.

Your family doctor is typically a general practitioner and can treat the majority of your medical needs. If you need specialized care, you seek a specialist because of their advanced understanding and experience in that area. Seems pretty logical when you think about it this way, right?

We work with national retailers and developers in the design and construction of their projects. We are comfortable working on multiple projects with demanding schedules, and can provide design services all over the country. Our services range from quick building assessments in the pre-deal stage to construction administration services. We have unique processes tailored to the needs of our individual clients, whether they require constructability, handicap accessibility, or sustainability.

These may sound like typical services provided by any design professional, but think about the examples I gave. Did you select just “any” professionals for your team? Of course not; success is not an accident. It requires good planning, knowledge, and experience. Our services evolve with the industry and our clients’ needs.

The next time you think about choosing a professional, whether it is your doctor, lawyer, or others, think about your choice of architect as well.

Do you have a brand architecture specialist on your development team?

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