Banking on Relationships
banking on relationships

Larson Design Group is fortunate to have a strong banking relationship with First National Bank. This relationship has existed for over ten years which has made it rather easy to traverse this latest eead this article,
conomic downturn. By providing prompt financial reporting monthly to our bank and looking at them as a part of our business ventures, we have developed a “partnering” with First National Bank. We look to them for input, not just for loan terms. Similarly, they use us as a source of information about the local economy and what we see developing. We have requested and received an increase in our line of credit each of the last three years even though the immediate need did not exist. Trust and value are at the core of this relationship.

We want our clients to look at us as partners, just as we do with our banking relationship, thus matching business.

I recently talked with ZweigWhite about this topic and was featured in an article from their September 20, 2010 issue of The Zweig Letter. To read the full article Click here.

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